“Just as you have been given a forum here on ‘The Kelly File' to say what you want to say, Ayaan Hirsi Ali deserves to say what she thinks and speak about her own experiences without having you say it was inappropriate for them to give her a forum and without the Muslim Students Association repeatedly trying to silence her voice.” —Megyn Kelly



Uh Oh, Forgot To Get A Model Release: The way a turtle came charging at me I thought he either mistook me for a lady turtle or else I’d neglected to have him sign a model release form. Whichever it was, he got 4-5 feet from me and decided I wasn’t worth the effort. His home is the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, where I spent a couple of hours in late spring. Apparently I enjoyed my visit as this set makes 36 photos I’ve posted from there since then.

Love the turtle 😊😊